I began writing fiction at the age of nine. My first book was a 300 page tome about a surfer girl in California named Coffee. It was somewhat heavily influenced by Gidget. Coffee was taller but it goes a long way toward explaining my love affair with Starbucks.

After that I worked on the many adventures of the Brennan Detective Agency with its five female detectives (very ahead of its time). There was the Big Ben Caper, the Monte Carlo Affair and two others whose titles have since escaped me. I keep thinking one of these days I might dust them off and see what can be made of them. At present, they live in a box under my bed.

In the 1990's I co-wrote an episode of Star Trek: Next Generation which was officially rejected by the show. I still have the letter signed by the person responsible for crushing your dreams, but letting you down easy. She was good.

I wrote a spec screenplay after that wherein there was a whole lot of swearing. In my defense, it was a story about recovering drug addicts in NYC, so I would think one would expect some swearing, but I was told there was entirely too much, so I suspect that ST:NG did not let me down as easily as either of us would have hoped.

That takes us to 2005 when I joined the RWA-SD and found THE best writing group on the planet, bar none. As writers the members are without doubt the kindest, most generous people I have ever known.  They are responsible for my present quest to resussitate my efforts at publication.


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